Growth and Resilience: Breakthrough Innovation Studio Opens in Historic Ellicott City

A message from Breakthrough Strategy President Sam Walters

In 2018, historic Ellicott City, Maryland, experienced catastrophic flooding that threatened the livelihood of its residents and business owners. As a resident of this remarkable town, I am inspired by the community’s commitment to recovery, and its shared passion for helping one another through this journey.

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As a professional in healthcare and membership associations, I see echoes of our own commitment to collaborative problem-solving in challenging times. Our resilience in the face of change, and finding opportunities where others may see futility, is what makes our shared journey so rewarding, and meaningful to the individuals that we serve.

In that spirit, Breakthrough has realized an opportunity to become a part of this small town’s recovery and its remarkable community. I am pleased to announce that Breakthrough has chosen to open its Innovation Studio on Ellicott City’s historic Main Street. In addition to providing a space to collaborate and create new ideas, our studio will also support the local community as it creates a bright and thriving future.

Ellicott City is a living example of hope, friendship, and support in the face of adversity. I am thankful for the network of colleagues and clients that have helped Breakthrough grow, and in the process allow us be a part of this incredible, resilient community.

I wish all of you rewarding year, and challenge you to find your own opportunities when things may seem bleak. My experience leads me to believe that we can realize this ideal together.

Warm regards,

Sam Walters
President, Breakthrough Strategy

Sam Walters