Organizational Strategy

Adaptability is the key to successful strategic orientation. Traditional strategic planning approaches won’t get you there.


Strategy is Dead.

Long Live Strategy.

This white paper outlines the fundamentals of the Adaptive Strategy framework, and how its principles guide agile, responsive organizations.

The traditional strategic planning frameworks that remain employed by many organizations were first conceptualized during the 1970s, and largely developed by companies like General Electric. Just think about how much the world has changed in over 40 years, and ask yourself, “Why do we let planning models that were developed before the Sony Walkman guide our future?”

The world has always changed and will continue to do so. What is different now is the pace of change, and an expanded set of potential future states. While this is certainly fueled by rapid technical innovation, it is also driven by a reexamination of regulatory policies and business models that are long overdue for redesign, and a culture of now that shapes our stakeholders' patience for adaptation to their needs.

Breakthrough Healthcare works with organizations to design strategic plans and initiatives that flex and adapt to changing circumstances by design. Far from a traditional, static plan, Adaptive Strategy incorporates a range of potential futures, with mitigation strategies and opportunity areas identified for the most likely. Our Adaptive Strategy model is designed to be continuously iterated as the environment changes, to capitalize on new opportunities and avoid costly mistakes that arise from planning based on outdated information.